Three New Patterns Now Available on Spoonflower
Sep 7, 2022

I’m excited to annouce some new surface pattern designs are now available in my Delfuneum Spoonflower Shop. These patterns are available on fabric, wallpaper and an assortment of home decor items.

Suddenly Seventies

First up this groovy geometric print was inspired by designs from my youth. This 1970s style geometric print features warm and very seventies shades of orange, brown, avocado green and cream or off white. With its alternating pattern of half circle shapes in orange and brown against a beige and avocado green background this pattern is non-directional making it a perfect choice for sewing projects or home decor items like this pictured table runner. So head on back to the days of disco and hiphugger bell bottoms and add a bit of the 70’s to your next crafting project or to your home with my Suddenly Seventies geometric surface pattern design.

Space is Wild

If you’re looking to take a trip a little further away in time and space, well, especially space, then you’ll want to explore my Space is Wild surface pattern design which features cute illustrations of tigers, polar bears, gorillas and foxes all sporting space helmets as they float through a starry sky of cream filled with tiny black stars. This pattern has an orange, black, gray and cream or ivory color scheme and a kid-friendly hand-drawn style. Sure this spaceflight is more of a flight of the imagination, than a scientifically accurate depiction of outer space, but if you’re looking for a wild adventure, I invite you to explore all the products featuring my Space is Wild pattern.

Retro Bloom

Finally my retro bloom surface pattern design presents a geometric style floral print with retro vibes. Daisy flower shapes are depicted in soft shades of blue, yellow, pink, rust orange and green against an eggshell white or cream colored background. The tiled pattern is a perfect way to add some gentle color to your room or your next sewing project. With radiating petals in a square diamond shape these retro blooms have a bit of a sunburst shape which is perfect for adding some cheer to your space. You can find my Retro Bloom surface pattern design on an assortment of wallpaper, home decor items and fabric in my Spoonflower shop.

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