Time for Some Fresh Editors Picks
Jan 4, 2023

It’s a new year and to kick off 2023 in style I have some freshly picked Zazzle Editor’s picks to share with you. Both of these picks come from my Delfuneum store on Zazzle. So take a look at some friendly socks and an out of this world tote bag.

Space is Wild Tote Bag

As some recent satellite deep space photographs have shown us, space is pretty wild, but this tote bag celebrates a different wild side of space imagining outerspace filled with some wild animal astronauts. There’s a tiger astronaut, a polar bear astronaut, a gorilla astronaut and a fox astronaut. They’re all sporting big bubble space helmets and floating through a sea of black stars. You’ll find this fun illustrated space animals tote bag in my Delfuneum Zazzle store and as an editors pick on Zazzle.

Friendship Bracelets Socks

I loved making friendship bracelets when I was a kid. I went through a lot of embroidery floss knotting those colorful bracelets together. My other editors pick was based on this childhood hobby. These patterned socks feature some colorful illustrations of hand-crocheted friendship bracelets set against a navy blue background. These fun print socks are perfect for adding some color to your day and pair perfectly with your favorite friendship bracelets. Or let your friends know just how much they mean to you when you gift them a pair of friendship bracelet socks.

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