Traveling Cats and Beer on Tap in my Spoonflower Shop
Mar 13, 2023

I’m excited to share a couple of new pattern designs available in my Spoonflower shop on fabric, wallpaper and an assortment of home decor items. Both in terms of colors and subject matter, these patterns have pretty much nothing in common save for the fact that they were created by yours truly. What can I say? I contain multitudes. So without further ado here’s two new designs now available on Spoonflower:


Whether you’re decorating your home bar or a man cave, my One Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall is the perfect way to complement your home decor and show off your love of beer drinking at the same time. Simple silhoutted style illustrations of beer bottles are in shades of navy blue, french blue, sage green, pale yellow, terra cotta and maroon in a distressed style to give it a hand-printed look. The graphics are set against a cream colored background. Whether you’re drinking an IPA or an American classic you’ll dig this simple, eye-catching design. Check out my Spoonflower shop to see the entire line of products featuring my beer bottle pattern.

Traveling Cats Passport Stamps

If you love cats and also love to travel, well than my Traveling Cats Passport Stamps pattern will suit you purrfectly. That’s because this subtle design features cat themed passport stamps filled with an assortment of cat-themed geography puns that I had a lot of fun coming up with. What can I say? I’m a bit of a dork. Whether you’re headed off to Catanooga, Mew York Kitty or Saudi Furrabia have fun on this feline-themed tour of the world. This traveling cats pattern is perfect for crafting travel accessories for globe-trotting cat lovers. This design is available in two color variations. Pick from Traveling Cats Passport Stamps in Mint or for a more subtle style check out Traveling Cats Passport Stamps in Peach.

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