True Love, But Make it Edgy
May 14, 2022

There’s plenty of wedding suite collections out there for brides and grooms who like to go the traditional route with pretty flowers and leaves and botanical accents and such. But if your tastes are a little more edgy, then it might be a struggle to find wedding invitations and party supplies to match your style. That was my inspiration behind creating the True Love Tattooed Hands Wedding & Anniversary Collection.

As you can see it features a simple graphic depicting two fists whose fingers have been tattooed with letters spelling out the message: TRUE LOVE. These party supplies and gifts are all set up to be customized with your names or other info in an old school typewriter style font.

This collection has invitations and other party supplies for planning the perfect low key wedding reception as well as plenty of personalized wedding anniversary gifts especially for husbands who prefer things simple and manly looking. Because what’s more manly than a pair of tattooed fists, right? You can even pick anniversary gifts to match traditional gifts by anniversary year like a personalized candy jar that’s perfect for the traditional sixth anniversary gift of candy or celebrate a 10th anniversary or tin anniversary in style with a personalized tin plate lunch box.

Browse all the anniversary gifts and party supplies available in this tattooed hands collection today.

Both the tattooed fists graphic and the typewriter lettering have a plain and simple minimalist sort of vibe that was inspired by old flyers for punk rock shows. It’s certainly the opposite of super fancy floral party supplies and invitations with its gritty, edgy look. This wedding collection is perfect for brides and grooms who want a simple wedding without all the fancy and frilly stuff.

You’ll find designs featuring black graphics and writing against a plain white background as well as designs with white graphics and lettering against a black background. You can pick your favorites or mix and match the black and white designs for a coordinated look.

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