What Jane Wrote Pattern Available at Spoonflower
Mar 8, 2022

┬áSometimes my passions intersect. That’s certainly the case with my latest surface pattern design. What Jane Wrote features quotes from one of my favorite authors, Jane Austen. The quotes are depicted in periwinkle blue as are the accompanying book illustrations and other accents and set against a cream colored background. As a writer and book lover I do love Jane’s novels. I think my favorite is her most enduring, Pride and Prejudice, but Emma and Sense and Sensibility are close seconds.

If you’ve ever read any Jane Austen novels then you are already well-acquainted with her wit. Some of it is depicted in the pithy quotes from her writings in this pattern which was created with my fellow authors and book lovers in mind.

I should issue a warning though. It’s possible that looking at this design might fill you with the desire to curl up in your favorite reading nook beneath a cozy blanket with a beloved Jane Austen novel and a warm mug of tea.

What Jane Wrote is available now at Spoonflower where you’ll find this pattern on fabrics, wallpaper and an assortment of home decor items.

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