What’s Cookin’? These New Tees
Dec 21, 2022

It’s been a minute or two since I brought you an update from my TeePublic shop, so, I thought it was time to show you what’s cooking over in TeePublic land. I guess I’ve been in a hungry mood as of late, because there’s definitely been a bit of a food theme going on. So, what’s on the menu?  Well, there’s my fun What’s Cookin’? air fryer graphic tee. There have also been some hungry snakes and plants that are busy gobbling up homework. Then there’s some minks who are hitting the sauce big time — specificaly barbecue sauce, hot sauce and marinara sauce.

Besides these decidely saucy minks you’ll find a retro squeeze doll graphic tee, a graphic tee for your favorite pole dancer and a graphic t-shirt featuring a wonderfully weird shark horse hybrid. Check them out below:

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