Who is Alissa Carin?
Feb 9, 2022

Well, now that this website is starting to come together, it’s time to answer that burning question, who is Alissa Carin? And perhaps the followup question, what exactly is her relationship to Alissa Grosso?

First things first. I am Alissa Carin. For several years now I’ve been creating digital illustrations for graphic tees and other products and designing surface patterns featuring my illustrations for fabric, wrapping paper, wallpaper and more.

Of course, I’ve been creating artwork for far longer than that, including a brief stint in my teens when I pursused cartooning and created a comic strip titled Bran Hill about senior citizens living in a retirement community–so, you know, the natural subject matter for a seventeen-year-old, but I digress.

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on comic strips, and these days I’m a lot closer in age to the subjects of Bran Hill than I am to being a teenager. But I still enjoy the daily practice of creating art. I’m often inspired by my passions which include reading, nature and animals. For years I ran a vintage Etsy store, and my love for all things vintage can be seen in the designs I create.

You can find my illustrations on products available for sale through a number of different online retailers on the shop page of this website. Of course, I’m always interested in working with new retailers and brands to bring my art to a wider audience so if you see something you like or just want to learn more about working with me drop me a line.

Now, for that second question. Astute readers might have noticed that Alissa Carin looks an awful lot like author Alissa Grosso. I applaud your keen observation, because as it happens not only am I Alissa Carin, but I am Alissa Grosso as well, which is to say we are one and the same person. While Alissa Carin specializes in the visual arts and creates illustrations, patterns and prints Alissa Grosso’s creative endeavors are on the literary end of things. She paints her pictures with words.

For a couple of years, I have maintained a page showcasing my artwork on my author page, but it was time to branch out. So, in the interest of simplifying things I use the name Alissa Carin for anything that has to do with my visual artwork. And for those of you wondering how to pronounce Carin, it’s pronounced just like Karen. As it happens it’s my middle name, and if you haven’t realized by now my parents like to be true originals and prefer to spell things their own way. Well, I’m a true original as well, so in that way I definitely take after them.

Anyway, thank your for this opportunity to introduce myself and my work to you!

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