Who’s Up For a Game of Padel?
Feb 5, 2024

I’m an old dog, so I’m not so sure I have the ability to learn new tricks, or in this case new games. Well, technically the sport of padel has been around since the 1960s, but its experiencing a surge in popularity lately, which is why I was inspired to create my new Zazzle collection, which features an assortment of gifts, graphic tees and party supplies that are perfect for padel players.

I won’t get into the specifics of what padel is since I am, after all, an old dog, but its definitely similar to tennis. It uses a court that’s very similar to a tennis court and uses tennis balls that more low impact than what you would traditionally want for a game of tennis. The rackets, on the other hand are definitely different than tennis rackets. To me they kind of look like a cross between a tennis racket and a pickleball paddle.

Of course since this is Zazzle, there are also plenty of personalized padel themed party supplies to choose from. These are perfect if you’re throwing a party to celebrate a padel-obsessed friend or loved one. They’re also perfect for adding a custom touch to an end of the season padel league banquet or celebration. All the text on these padel party supplies can be personalized with your own message so you can create the perfect personalized paper goods for any event.

So take a break from playing padel, and head on over to Zazzle to check out my Padel Tennis collection, which is filled with fun gifts, novelty t-shirts and accessories with a padel theme.

So, for this collection I created my own artwork depicting padel equipment. My realistic style illustrations depict padel rackets as well as padel tennis balls. You can find these graphics on an assortment of products in my Zazzle padel collection.

If you know someone who loves playing padel, then they’re sure to appreciate a  personalized padel themed gift. There’s plenty of items to choose from that they can enjoy both on and off the padel court. Play padel yourself? Then this is the perfect way to show your appreciation for your padel partner. That’s right, for all you non padelers (Is that a word? It is now!) unlike tennis there is no “singles” version of padel. It’s always played as a team. So, let you padel partner know how much you care with a personalized padel gift.

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