Who’s Up for a Game of Pool?
Jan 3, 2024

As a kid, when my parents finished our baement, one of the first things my dad did was treat “the family” to a new pool table. Our newly finished basement space was probably a tad too small for a pool table. (Seinfeld fans would do well to picture Frank Constanza’s pool table.) All the marks on the white basement walls from where pool cues had hit into them became part of the ambience of our home pool hall.

Certainly our pool table helped inspire the artwork I created for my new Zazzle collection, though I decided to go a bit more old school than our 1980s pool table. My illustration depicts a vintage set of billiard balls racked up in a classic triangle shaped rack. This realistic style graphic has a classic, timeless look and you can find it on a variety of customizable products in my Zazzle shop.

If you’re favorite pool player has a sense of humor, then they might appreciate some billiards-themed humor. My I’m A Real Ball Breaker Graphic T-Shirt is a perfect choice for, well, breaking their balls. Of course it features my vintage pool balls illustration so it has an appropriate double meaning. Want to add your own saying to a pool-themed t-shirt? Then check out this billiard balls graphic tee that’s ready to be personalized with your custom text.

You can find all of these fun products, and plenty more in my new Vintage Billiard Balls Collection on Zazzle.

If someone you know has, like my dad, recently treated himself (er, the family) to a new pool table, then he’ll certainly appreciate a custom gift to celebrate the occasion. My vintage pool balls tote bag is ready to be personalized with their name or a fun billiards themed slogan, maybe even the name of their home pool hall.

Is their new pool table a birthday gift? Well, this personalized billiard balls birthday card is the perfect way to mark the occasion. It’s ready to be customized with your own message on the front as well as on the inside, and features my vintage billiard balls illustration against a pool table green colored background. Of course, there’s no need to stop with a greeting card. Make it a pool hall themed celebration with personalized billiards themed invites, and party supplies.

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